Family-friendly Christmas Eve Service

4:00pm in the Sanctuary

Christmas is a time for family fun, special treats, and surprises. And it’s a time that can become hectic and rushed. It’s easy for the hubbub of the season to overshadow the miracle of Jesus’ birth. We at First Presbyterian Church understand that.  That’s why we’re offering a Family-Friendly Christmas Eve Service on Sunday, December 24, at 4pm in the Sanctuary.  Come dressed in casual clothes for going to Grandma’s afterwards or come dressed in your fanciest Christmas clothes. Just come. And set aside a time for you, your children, and you houseguests to reflect on the joy of Christmas. Children can choose to participate in telling the Christmas story by wearing costumes or holding props, all of which will be provided by the church. Even if your children would rather not participate, they are sure to hear the Christmas story in a new way when they see other children playing the roles of a star, an angel, a shepherd, or a king. We hope you will come and hear the story anew and join with us in the age-old tradition of lighting candles and singing Silent Night.  For more information, contact Claire Colcord at 252.243.3115.


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