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Facility Utilization


A. In a conscious effort to be faithful in its stewardship, this church will seek to make the maximum appropriate use of its facilities.
B. It shall be the intention of the church to make its facilities available to nonprofit community service groups for programs and projects not involving admission charges or fundraising.  We will ask that all such groups using our facilities make a donation to help us cover our expenses related to heating and cooling, cleaning, and wear and tear.  All such groups shall apply for use of our facilities through the church office.  A copy of our form “Application/Contract For Use Of Church Facilities” must be filled out.
C. Obtain from the church office the Application form, and copies of Procedure and Policies forms.
D. Read these forms thoroughly to insure that your usage will comply with all policies.
E. Complete the Application/Contract form and return it to the church office. Be sure that your request has allowed for two months for approval.
F. Do not print any materials, send any letters, or publicize the meeting location in any way prior to approval.
G. All use requests will be forwarded to the Property Committee for review and then will be sent to the Session for approval.  Please make all requests at least two months in advance of the date of use to allow for review and approval.



1.    Cooking is not permitted.  However, you may bring and serve light refreshments.  You must furnish your own paper and plastic products.
2.    You are responsible for all clean-up.  You must furnish your own trash bags and remove all trash.  You must wipe off all tables and make sure that the floor is clean.  No food or drinks may be left at the church.
3.    Nothing may be taped or tacked on walls, doors, or woodwork.
4.    Contact the church office in advance for instructions on unlocking and locking doors, and which doors to use.  Doors must not be propped open.
5.    Room furnishings must be left in the order in which they were found.
6.    Your contact person is responsible for turning out all lights and locking the doors.
7.    Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on church property at any time.
8.    Smoking is not allowed in any church building at any time.
9.    Charging admission fees or selling merchandise is not permitted.
10.    The group and its contact person will be responsible for any damage incurred.
11.    If your plans change and you will not be meeting as scheduled, notify the church office as soon as possible.

Building Usage Application



Clark Hall                                   $50.00 up to three hours
$15.00 Each additional hour

Dudley Room                              $30.00 up to three hours
Parlor                                           $10.00 each additional hour

Single Room Use                         $20.00 up to two hours
$5.00 each additional hour

**At the discretion of the session, fees may be waived or adjusted.

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