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Jesus Christ invited people to be his friends and join his mission. Whether you have little or no experience in the Christian faith, or are well traveled on your journey, you are invited to consider membership at First Presbyterian Church (FPC).
Please contact a pastor, 252 243-3115, for more information.


Finding Out About First

We would love to have you join our family of faith!  Finding Out About First, a 2-week class for guests and members who desire to learn more about faith, our church, denomination, or how to better connect or become more involved, is offered several times throughout the year.  Attendance at Finding Out About First does not assume you’ll join the church.  If you decide to join, you’ll also be asked to make a commitment to participate in the life and ministry of the church and your own faith development.

You don’t have to be Presbyterian in order to join. Many of our members come from a variety of faith backgrounds. Membership at FPC is a commitment to following the ways of Jesus by participating in a church family that cares for one another and reaches out into the community, works for peace, strives for justice, and seeks to worship God in love. Membership is not a proclamation of a particular dogma, but a willingness to join our community on a journey of faith.  People join in one of three ways:

1) Profession of faith and baptism (for those who have never joined a church),

2) Reaffirmation of faith (for those who have been baptized but have either not been active in a church in recent years or have been active in a church that does not either send or receive certificates of membership),

3) Transfer of church membership from another congregation (our church secretary handles all the correspondence if those who join supply a church name and address).


Pastors’ Blog  

Rev. Dr. Tom Watkins Blog
Rev. Claire Colcord, Associate Pastor Blog


Quarterly and Weekly Newsletters

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Prayer Requests

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Sunday School Connections 

Our hope is for every FPC participant to be actively involved in a spiritual growth opportunity in addition to worship.  FPC is a superb place to explore your faith – a place where questions about faith are welcome and we readily admit we don’t have faith all figured out.  Questions can be lived safely, passionately, and in the good company of fellow travelers. Whether you’re looking for practical spiritual tools to help you with life’s daily challenges, or inspiration to go deeper on your faith walk, FPC offers classes and studies to encourage you and your children.  Our Sunday school hour runs from 9:45 till 10:40 each Sunday of the school year and at the 9am hour during the summer.
Visualize yourself growing in the Spirit, and join us to put your faith in action. Let’s grow together!  GROW LINK


Wednesday Night Connections

Click here to find out about our Wednesday night connections!


Join a Team

We believe that God gives gifts (some might call them talents or skills) to each individual to use as we live in community, helping and supporting one another.  At FPC there are many ways to connect, use your gifts, and fulfill a purpose – if you laugh, cry, love, or worship along the way we won’t be surprised!  Find out how to serve by clicking here


Who We Are

Organized in 1885, First Presbyterian is a lively church with a long history.   First and foremost, we are a family of faith, a body of believers who have differing church backgrounds and come from a variety of places.  Still, we find common ground in our joint efforts to follow Christ as he calls us.  Denominationally, we are a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  This places us in a heritage of churches who trace their roots to the Protestant Reformation of the 1600s.  In an even larger sense, though, we are part of and connected to the universal fellowship of believers who trust in God, acknowledging the powerful work of a Creator, professing faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior, and trusting in the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit.  Presbyterian Church U.S.A.


What We Believe

Jesus Christ is the light of our lives and the light of this world.  Through Christ, we experience a new life – both on this side of death and beyond it.  We believe that this gift of Christ is a generous gift of a loving God and not the result of how we are, what we do or even how fervently we believe.

We affirm that we are not called to this new life independently, but that we are called to community of believers where we learn to lean on, listen to and hold each other accountable. You will notice a organizational structure that lacks bishops or levels of office. Instead, we elect our leadership and then prayerfully ordain them for tasks to which they feel called.  In worship you will hear us speak of God as Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, ancient language that affirms the depth and breath of God. You will see us share in time-honored sacraments of communion and baptism.

Church is changing. Denominational structures are shifting.  Still, Presbyterians in the 21st century have a vision of ministry that is vibrant, inviting, and reflects the love and justice of God. As we witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world, Presbyterians engage in mission activities, work to alleviate hunger, respond to disasters, preach the gospel, heal the sick, educate new generations for the future, and seek to be good stewards of all of God’s gifts in creation.


Weekday Preschool 

Find out about the fun at our Weekday School by clicking here

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Sunday Service:11:00 am

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