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Baptism & Communion


One of the sacraments in the Presbyterian Church, baptism, is a sign and seal of God’s activity in our lives.  It is a welcome into the family of faith.  Infant baptism especially focuses us on God’s claiming us before we are able to respond.  We recognize all Christian baptisms done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and if you have been baptized once, you do not need to be baptized again.  In our tradition, we baptize by placing water on one’s head.  The sacrament serves as a public declaration of faith and takes place in a worship service.  If you are interested in baptism for yourself or for your child, speak to a pastor.  In preparation, the pastor will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss the sacrament, answer your questions, and set a date.

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The other sacrament in the Presbyterian Church, communion, is a celebration of remembrance among the community.  Theologically, it draws us back to Jesus’ Last Supper and before that to the first Passover meal.  It draws us forward to a great heavenly banquet.  All who have been baptized, whether members or not, are welcome at the table.  Communion is shared weekly at the 8:45 casual service.  At the 11am traditional service, this sacrament is celebrated on selected, special Sundays.

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